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NCS Web Filtering utilises the Netsweeper Web Filtering product that is used by over 6,000 schools in the UK to offer the convenience of cloud based web filtering with the flexibility and power of an on-premise solution via an easy to use management portal.

NCS Web Filtering offers both http and https filtering to ensure end users are protected from Web 2.0 threats.

The easy to use portal allows the end user IT administration full control of the NCS Web Filtering solution once it is deployed enabling them to build users groups based on AD or LDAP; apply multiple policies to those groups and then have produced comprehensive reports of the Internet use of all groups and individual users within those groups.

As the web changes so must the filtering technology used to keep end users safe and protected from malware, phishing and virus sites, NCS Web Filtering achieves this by checking each URI on every page rather than just the URL. The powerful Netsweeper AI engines scans each and every URI that makes up a Web page checking against the billions of URI’s held in the Netsweeper database.

NCS Web Filtering takes that protection further by enhancing Netsweeper to provide ‘decryption on demand’ of https web sites, thus bank sites are unencrypted whilst unknown and potentially dangerous https sites are decrypted and their content checked against the Netsweeper database.

A fully managed version is available which has dedicated engineers/technicians undertaking all aspects of Web Filtering on the schools behalf, these engineers/technicians have decades of experience of support IT in schools at both an LA and a school level in Leicester.

Schools: Secondary: Web Filtering Features
  • Pure Cloud or Hybrid cloud/site or Client Deployment that supports any devices
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Detailed reporting down to a per user view
  • http and https filtering
  • Advanced malware and threat protection
  • Incredible Value
  • Local support with expert school knowledge
  • Fully managed offering using highly qualified engineers with decades of experience
Schools: Primary: Technical Information

The NCS Web Filtering platform is deployed on fully redundant servers and mirrored services in highly secure datacentres. This ensures that should there be an issue on one of the servers, the service will continue uninterrupted.

There is no client software to be installed within the client desktop environment, Internet filtering policies are applied and web usage recorded transparently. With the requirement of active directory or LDAP user accounts an instance of authentication software is required to be installed by the client on a server to facilitate NCS Web Filtering applying Internet policy via groups and/or users. For https filtering a certificate is deployed on each device as part of the initial configuration.

2.1 Client management of policies

NCS Web Filtering enables secondary schools to build their own group based polices via AD integration thus ensuring the policies are right for all AD groups and the age of the pupils within those AD groupings. There are no limits to the number of groups that the school can build or polices that can be applied to each group in any day or week, thus allowing each department complete flexibility to build polices that are relevant and suit their working environment.

2.2 User authentication and logging

NCS Web Filtering has integrated an authentication mechanism which will enable secondary schools to be able to integrate or ‘push’ selected active directory or LDAP user-id and group id’s for transparent authentication for users.

2.3 Https filtering

NCS Web Filtering has developed complete https decrypt on demand control – which allows teacher and admin staff to safely access their bank/insurance sites whilst access to suspect or untrusted https sites is properly checked and denied if containing suspicious or malicious content. Also as polices are set on a per AD group level only teacher and admin staff have this flexibility as pupils will be returned a deny page.

2.4 Web Threat Monitoring

NCS Web Filtering utilises Netsweeper’s high performance content management and packet signature detection for identifying web threats, both for in-network access points – (office, and “bring your own device” computers) and for mobile devices (Windows and Mac based laptops.) This is coupled with a massive and constantly updated master database of categorized URIs that is populated by the real-time usage patterns of more than 100 million users worldwide. By blocking the initial request to a malicious URI, Netsweeper enables you to proactively prevent access to the URI, meaning that a malicious download never begins, or a phishing website is never displayed. By being deployed into the network, and using per-URI precision, Netsweeper also enables you to only block the malicious content, such as a specific page embedded within another page, or the loading of a known malicious JavaScript file embedded on an otherwise innocent website. Legitimate traffic is not impeded.

2.5 Reporting

A comprehensible reporting GUI is provided as part of NCS Web Filtering solution which allows authorised and authenticated administrators to build Reports over and above the Quick Report of Top 10.../ Most viewed.../Highest User... ‘ etc., which are produced hourly, daily, and weekly. The solution logs - Time and date; URL; Client IP; Client Name (If authenticated); Policy Group; Allowed or denied site; Categories thus Scheduled reporting using any of those parameters can be built and sent as frequently as required, whilst the GUI also provides the ability to drill down and report on an individual users activity if required.

2.6 Management Portal

The NCS Web Filtering portal is intuitive and easy to use allowing either the school or its IT support partner

  • Create Groups
  • Apply Policy
  • Build reports
  • Deploy new use

NCS Web Filtering is available to schools for a 30 day trial prior to ordering for a single workstation, please contact the NCS team for more information.

2.7 Key Considerations

  • NCS Web Filtering can be up and running in minutes safely filtering the schools Internet traffic with no loss or service or downtime.
  • NCS Web Filtering undertakes Packet-level, real-time categorization of websites with Artificial Intelligence Engine ensuring that each and every web sites that your pupils, teachers and staff go to are checked in real-time against a current database
  • Embedded web threat scanning capabilities, capable of identifying and blocking zero-hour and known web-borne viruses, spyware, malware and other forms of malicious code
  • Designed to categorize HTTP and HTTPS into over 90 categories
  • Tightly integrated AD authentication allows for multiple groups to have multiple time based policies applied to them at all times during the day
  • Easy to use Web Portal allows complete administration of NCS Web Filtering – from the initial group association through the building of multiple policies and reports down to maintaining of local list exemptions specific to each individual school.
  • Comprehensive reporting package offers canned reports and the ability to build and schedule as many custom reports as are required that can be delivered via e-mail to all the relevant parties – Head Teacher, Safeguarding Office etc.,
  • Customisable deny page message, or even reminder message can be displayed before a site is accessed thus reminding pupils to not divulge personal information over the Internet
  • YOUTUBE for schools can be allowed and controlled by NCS Web Filtering.