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Products: Web Filtering

NCS Web Filtering is a cloud based Web Filtering solution that can be configured in minutes with no down time and no costly or time consuming install procedure. Hosted in a secure state of the art datacenters NCS Web Filtering has built in redundancy, back up and 24 x 7 support.

The easy to use management portal provides the power and flexibility of an on-premise solution allowing the designated administrator full control over the make up of the groups of users, the length of time and composition of each policy that is applied to the groups and the detail and amount of reports that they require.

NCS Web Filtering offers both http and https filtering to ensure end users are protected from Web 2.0 threats. It undertakes Packet-level, real-time categorization of websites with an Artificial Intelligence Engine ensuring that each and every web site that your pupils go to are checked in real time against a current database.

For smaller or Primary schools NCS Web Filtering can provide upto three polices – Teachers, Administrators and Pupils which can be customized to your requirements.

For Secondary schools through tight integration with MS AD multiple polices can be applied to each and every AD group with reports scheduled and on-demand being available.

NCS Web Filtering offers schools the ability to customise the block pages thus allowing schools to re-enforce the AUP that each pupil has signed. Also NCS Web Filtering be configured to display a ‘warning’ page before a year 12/13 user could access Facebook hence they would have to click through this page reminding them never to give out personal details or arrange to meet a stranger.

As the web changes so must the filtering technology used to keep end users safe and protected from malware, phishing and virus sites NCS Web Filtering achieves this by checking each URI on every page rather than just the URL. The embedded web threat scanning capabilities are capable of identifying and blocking zero-hour and known web-borne viruses, spyware, malware and other forms of malicious code.

The powerful Netsweeper AI engines scans each and every URI that makes up a Web page checking against the billions of URI’s held in the Netsweeper database. NCS Web Filtering takes that protection further by enhancing Netsweeper to provide ‘decryption on demand’ of https web sites, thus bank sites are unencrypted whilst unknown and potentially dangerous https sites are decrypted and their content checked against the Netsweeper database.

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