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Products: Office & Yammer

As an education specialist NCS has specifically built products that meet the changing needs and services that schools offer.

Many schools today allow pupils to bring their own devices into the school to work on, whilst those devices are in the school and accessing the Internet via the schools network it is the school responsibility to ensure that their AUP is applied even when they do not own the devicesCapital Bytes is an accredited Microsoft partner so for e-mail we only offer the FREE O365, this is the commercial version of 0365 with some mailboxes size restrictions but is perfectly suitable for school – Teacher, administrators and pupils if required.

However if you would like the more advanced but priced O365 offering that includes the ability to deploy to tablets and phones please contact us.

For a table describing the options - https://products.office.com/en-gb/academic/compare-office-365-education-plans.

However whilst O365 is great for e-mail its not very interactive or flexible or very good at sharing ie its not a social media platform – but YAMMER is and YAMMER is totally free.

What is Yammer and how does it work

Yammer is a social networking and collaboration – but SECURE and Private!!!

Create a private place for just your users to collaborate and mingle, you can create public and private groups – so staff can have private planning and discussion areas that others can’t access. Or groups of students can be placed into individual communities, for classes, subjects, sports and social groups etc. It also has a range of apps for mobile devices, so your users can access it on the go from their iPhone, Windows Phone, Android phones etc.

The major difference between Yammer and other social networking systems is that your Yammer network is private, and controlled by you. You don’t have individual teachers uploading lists of students to third-party websites, and managing them outside of your existing systems. Instead you have full control over your users in the same way that they do for other systems in your school. Adding and deleting/disabling users are all done centrally. And you have control and visibility of the content and conversations that are happening.

Some of the key features of Yammer are:

  • Create and participate in groups – you can define groups and assign members, or your users can set up their own groups and invite members.
  • Announcements – for everybody, or just specific groups. This can be used to send out important updates that everybody in a group needs (eg a teacher might use an announcement to send out a curriculum assignment)
  • Praise – users can give and receive recognition, and accomplishments and badges appear on profiles
  • Interact with other users – just like other social networks, you can @mention people, see who’s online, create private messages and share conversations. Plus users can create quick polls
  • File and note sharing – users can upload Office documents, PDFs etc and share them across their groups. You can have user-uploaded content, as well as ‘Official content’, which appears higher in search results and content directories.

User management features, including Directory Sync, custom branding, and Keyword Monitoring (this allows you to track the use of sensitive keywords, and get instant alerts if they are used on your Yammer network)

Capital Bytes has developed a Yammer deployment and get started guide and which we will work with you to ensure that your school can get maximum benefit from deploying this great social tool.

Please contact us for more information.