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Capital Bytes Support and Escalation Procedure

We at Capital Bytes value our customers and their requirements. However, at times there maybe incidents that require immediate attention. Our technical support department caters to the urgent needs of our customers and partners by providing timely and accurate support. Our goal is to provide professional support to our customers / partners. This escalation matrix will cover how and when cases are to be escalated. It will also define the technical and managerial notification sequence.

Capital Bytes Teams

Support Team: Every incident reported comes to this team, and they create a ticket for the customer (if not already created) Systems Engineering Team: These engineers are part of the support team. This team contains trained engineers that are able to diagnose complex problems and arrive at a root cause analysis for resolution. If the support team is not able to solve a reported issue it gets escalated to the Systems Engineers. Development Team: If a Systems Engineer is not able to resolve a problem it is escalated to this team. They try to recreate the issue and find either a solution or a workaround. This team also performs code changes if required for incident resolution.


Support issues will be assigned a priority based on the severity of an issue, with P1 being the highest priority, and P5 being the lowest priority. Priority Description Time to Resolution

P1 Total Service impact, affecting all users while accessing all websites 24 hours

P2 Partial Service impact, affecting a significant (> 10%) number of users accessing some specific websites 72 hours

P3 Partial Service impact, affecting a minority (< 10%) of users while accessing specific web sites 5 business days

P4 General configuration related question, not affecting users currently but might in the future 10 business days

P5 General query with no risk (either current or future) of affecting users 15 business days


S4 hours response (within normal business hours) best efforts outside of these times
24 working hour fix - unless fault caused by 3rd party (ie out of our control).

Service Credits

Service Credit will apply only for service affecting incidents (Priority 1 to Priority 3)
A 1% credit note of the licence fee will be granted for each hour that the incident remains in breach (within normal business hours), up to a maximum of 25% of the total per-month license fee. Any disruptions caused by or at the fault of any other third party will not entitle users to Service credits.

Escalation Guidelines

We follow an approach where all the incidents are handled in the most proficient manner

  1. As soon as an incident is reported a ticket is generated (if not already done so by the customer) and the customer / partner are notified of the ticket number.
  2. As per the incident reported, Capital Bytes will assign a Priority to each and every incident.
  3. The first response to the customer/partner support is sent within 4 Hours of our normal support line hours.
  4. By default every incident is first handled by the Support Team.
  5. If Support Team is not able to resolve the incident it is escalated to the Systems Engineering Team.
  6. In case it's a Priority 2 or higher, it is directly escalated to the Systems Engineering Team.
  7. If Systems Engineering Team is not able to resolve the incident in 2 business days, the ticket is escalated to the Development Team.
  8. The Development Team works on the issue and either gives a workaround, or provides a solution to the customer within 5 business days.
  9. Every incident is updated on a daily basis.

Escalation Management Notification

Our internal escalation process is intended to notify and brief various levels of management throughout the life cycle of technical issues. This ensures that the appropriate resources within Capital Bytes are utilized to resolve outstanding incidents as efficiently as possible. The following schedule shows the manager receiving notification, and the elapsed time at which notification is given, according to the Priority Level; escalation continues until the issue has been resolved or a satisfactory workaround has been implemented:

How to contact us

Before calling please gather the following information, as it will help us in providing a faster resolution:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Organization Name
  3. Your Contract Information
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Your Phone Number
  6. Supporting documentation for incident

You can report your incidents to us using any of the following methods:

  1. Email support@Capital Bytes.com for auto incident ticket creation. Email can be used for all incidents to report the technical information for root cause analysis. Our technical support department will reply to these inquires during normal business hours 8:00AM to 5:00PM BST.

  2. Phone
    It is recommended that prior to the phone calls you report the technical data for your incident via email to support@Capital Bytes.com. You can reference the reported ticket number during your phone call. Our support team will create these tickets if you have not created them prior to a call.