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emPSN: NCS Web Filtering - School Managed

NCS Web Filtering utilises the Netsweeper Web Filtering product that is used by over 6,000 schools in the UK to offer the convenience of cloud based web filtering with the flexibility and power of an on-premise solution via an easy to use management portal.

NCS Web Filtering offers both http and https filtering to ensure end users are protected from Web 2.0 threats.

The easy to use portal allows the end user IT administration full control of the NCS Web Filtering solution once it is deployed enabling them to build users groups based on AD or LDAP; apply multiple policies to those groups and then have produced comprehensive reports of the Internet use of all groups and individual users within those groups.

As the web changes so must the filtering technology used to keep end users safe and protected from malware, phishing and virus sites, NCS Web Filtering achieves this by checking each URI on every page rather than just the URL. The powerful Netsweeper AI engines scans each and every URI that makes up a Web page checking against the billions of URI’s held in the Netsweeper database.

This ensures that your school/setting is always protect and inappropriate sites blocked.

Capital Bytes recognises that no two schools are the same and therefore offer pricing either ‘by the user’ – which is teachers, staff and pupils or ‘by the device’ whether it’s a Desktop, laptop – mac or PC.

emPSN: NCS Web Filtering - Fully Managed

Schools that opt for the fully managed service will receive NCS Web Filtering (can we make this a link to the page above) but will not have to worry about setting up polices or managing their own local list.

A dedicated team of engineers/technicians undertake all aspects of Web Filtering on the schools behalf, these engineers/technicians have decades of experience of support IT in schools at both an LA and a school level in Leicester.